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This service is best suited to a business or brand that is already out there having a go. If you already have a website and want to achieve more from your internet marketing but don’t know how, I am your Man. I am happy to work with yourself or your in house marketer to develop strategies that suit your individual needs.

I have a very broad range of internet marketing skills and understand how to put these together to maximise your results. I am a big believer in systems and analytics as well as the use of effective tools to simplify your marketing. I can help you with SEO, graphic design, video production, market research, social media management, content creation and advertising campaigns. I take a very hands on approach with all consulting projects but also use and manage a team of very skilled professionals where needed.

I typically start these projects by making sure you have sufficient analytics and if you don’t, I will set them up for you. I then research your main competitors and both their strengths and weaknesses. From there we will develop a plan to increase your traffic and marketing reach with a focus on where the most effective results will be achieved.

I also help you to set up and use a range of tools that will help you to leverage both your time and results and keep you in the loop as new techniques come to hand. I only work with a very limited number of clients for consulting so please use the contact me page if you are interested in this service.